So, I’m really used to right-clicking a track when I want to choose it to play in it. In Renoise 1.281 you could right click a track, and you’d jump right to it. In the 1.5Alpha versions though, when you right click a pattern, this drop down menu comes up, and you gotta click again to remove it.

Is there a way to disable this?

Hope so…



PS: Thanks to the developers for very frequent updates! The Alphas are getting more and more stable!

I had this problem also but I tried to get used to double click the left mouse button.
Give it a week and you are used to it…

then you have a drop down menu and very fast track selection!

what else could you want ;)

This is something that takes a bit of getting used to. Ideally for me a configuration to use a modifier key with rmb to access the drop down menu would be good. I am also missing using the rmb in the discop. The menus are good but having the old functionality also would be great.

As suggested before I think it would be nice to have an option for ‘expert edit mode’ in renoise configs.
Then you would have to hold shift and press rmb to get the meny.
I would really like that, as i have the most used functions on hotkeys anyway.


I got a 5 button mouse… so my right click is under my thumb. And my double click function always have been my right click… What a sudden convenience ;)