(Drum and Bass) EatMe - Play Again (Renoise Songs) and (Progressive House) EatMe - Flax - Timeshuffle

hi there!

new music:
“Play Again” (Drum and Bass)
“Flax - Timeshuffle” (Progressive House)

by EatMe - www.eatme.pro

Play Again on soundcloud


download link for Final Track: EatMe - Play Again.xrns
download link for Basis: EatMe - Play Again.xrns

Flax - Timeshuffle on soundcloud

mp3 download: tinyurl.com/eazflaxts
flac download: tinyurl.com/eazflaxtsf

Please mention website: eatme.pro with a broadcast or share.

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(CC) BY-NC-ND 3.0

Music by EatMe - eatme.pro - free download

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Really like the cool delay on Flax - Timeshuffle

MJRotoDelay (free VST) in the track and Sound Delay (free VST) from Voxengo with the side delayed.

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