Drum And Bass. The Abyss V0.9

This is my first (mostly) completed track with renoise. Drum and Bass with a fairly agressive edge. I’m happy with how it’s turned out so far. Any suggestions welcome.


Thanks to the Renoise forum for putting me onto that dance-industries site. Not a bad place to upload if your making techno.

:drummer: :yeah:
only suggestions would be to bring up the lower frequencies of the synths and screw around with the envelopes on the bassline a bit more to add variation, or perhaps add a few extra filters to it and tweak the parameters on those instead…
sounds great though, makes my attempts at drum and bass seem half finished

good tune (reminds me of ol’ buzz days)
Ye, maybe u could split the freqs (beginning at 1:15). so it could get a bit more accent. . 2 or 3 vari- breaks more (like the toms at the end) and it will be more adrift.
hope to see/hear more!