Drum and Bass work in progress, Suggestions?

Hey there,


So I spent a bit of time trying to put together the most professional sounding “Drum and Bass” I could achieve… But I’m still wondering if this sounds pro enough or if it’s lacking certain eq ranges or whatever… It’s not finished, but I just wanted to get some constructive thoughts on if this is sounding decent or not at the moment?

Comments, ideas suggestions, hate it, love it… whatever :slight_smile:

Cheers people,


Could use some overall eq’ing, and compression on the beats, make those drums pop out more compared to the other sounds.

The track sounds extensional and fills the space with itself. Drums and bass harmonize greatly. At 2.01 in my opinion drums enters a little sharply after smooth bridge which tides a listener on soundwaves. It would be interesting if it emerged from the right channel with smoother volume rise. This will be great track when you finish it.

Good. The beginning melody sounds kind of random for me. I think you should change it. Try some slow notch filter sweeps on your reese sound. Change the drum loop abit every 4th bar, so its not repeating all the time.

The swirly buzzy sound effect that starts at about 0:22s sounds a bit like it came from a psytrance track rather than drumnbass. That’s not a bad thing per se, just telling you what I first noticed about it :slight_smile:

I agree with Djeroek that the drums could “pop” a bit more. On the other hand, the muted drums give the track a very nice soft and mellow feel. Like a really comfortable cushioned garden chair. That is quite unique, IMO. So if you like that, keep it. Then again maybe some really skilled use of compression can give you best of both worlds (can’t say, I’m not skilled with the compressor :slight_smile: ).

IMO the track still misses some sort of “hook”. Maybe a cool movie quote, some silly sample, or (best option) a really powerful beautiful short melody/tune with a unique effect/filter. There’s still some space for that in the high-mid ranges, think LTJ Bukem - Atlantis (the bleepy melody at 0:35s), something like that would fit perfectly, I think.