[drum&bass] Allamarine

Some new drum&bass for y’all. Enjoy.


Time to push this to the top. How you like it?

not bad… however atmospherics like this always put me to sleep :P

it’s okay, and it could be the beginnings of something good, but feels like it needs some sort of drop somewhere, and it doesn’t quite go anywhere. there’s a couple of nice bits with the melody, which is the best thing about the track, however they could be framed more interestingly. it wouldn’t be a huge amount of work to make this more effective than it is.

a couple of things you could experiment with to build on this:

  • try designing a different bass sound which comes in deeper in the mix, hitting lower frequency ranges than the existing one.

  • add some more snare rushes or kick rushes leading to different sections.

  • consider a section which drops most of the main atomspheric and melodic sounds in favour of something else (the something else could just be some bass and a couple of sparce echoing effects). when you bring the melody and atmospherics back then they have more impact than just letting them hover there throughout the track.

  • add a rising sound or winding up sound where you’d use the snare rush, or something which creates a similar effect. you can do it will a simple rising pitch tone or filter envelope quite simply, or you can use other sounds in a similar way and be more creative. the point is to build tension leading into a different section. here’s an example of what i mean:

  • add other or different layers to the percussion and more variation. you could try adding a tramen on this which comes in with a drop. you could try adding some variation to the high hat pattern which is the same throughout currently, even if it’s just changing from a closed hat to a ride cymbal between sections, this could probably make quite a big difference.

hope some of those ideas are useful in some way, experiment and have fun