Drum Builds?

Hi im still getting used to Renoise, anyone got any patterns for jungle/dnb type builds?

Mate, to do this type of effect really easily just do the following:

Always put the speed at 3 when making D&B. Then the BPM will obviously be around 170-180.

Then load in a kick or a snare.
Input a note on the top line and then every other line, basically leaving one line between each note.

That will give you a rolling percussion line but will sound a but naff.
To make it sound good you need to add a filter to the track/column. Then go to ‘Automation’ and draw in a diagonal line building up. That will then create a wicked rolling build.

Using the above techniques you can also do things like start with 8 bars in between each note then go to 4 then 2 then 1 and then 0 if you want to!!! Experiment!!!

You won’t always need to put the filter on the track but when you do experiemtn with which way you filter and also build up and down both the cutoff and resonance. Play around, it’s really easy.

Have fun mate