Drum Kick With A A Nice Tail

I’d like to create a kick with a bass tail at the end. I’m sorry I can’t think of any song to make you understand what I mean, but, for example, if I have a simple kick which sounds like “TUM”, I want to make it sound “TUUUUUUUM”.

At first I thought I could use a reverb and some filter, but I’m not getting what I want. Which one would be a good technique? Maybe I should layer it with a bass sound or is there any other trick?

Hi, You should try to use a gate or a compressor with extrem settings. Can’t say more, just try…
You can also loop your kick sample, I don’t think you will get what you want but it the result could be funny.

if it is a electronic type of kick (which musn’t sound authentic) then you could layer it with a low sine tone and add an envelope at the end to fade it out.

if you want a real sounding kick then you pretty much have to have a real undamped kick sample.

Mh, well, I’ll try.

I think this is what I was going for, but shouldn’t I be worried about the note of the sine wave?

yes u should…make sure that note matches with your bass/subb notes and u´ll be fine!

ye, good point. ok, read a bit about it and this is how i understand it (you might wanna read for yourself so that i’m not fooling you here lol)

every ringy real kick has low notes but one never think of it as an actual “note” which can sound out of key. it’s too short, low and also it contains a number of frequency which lie quite close together so it’s chaotic. (not overtones of each other). this is what’s called indefinite pitch: http://en.wikipedia…ndefinite_pitch

found this chart of the frequency content of a bassdrum:

from this article on how to synthesize a bass drum: http://www.soundonso…secrets0102.asp

also, when i tune my bassdrum in the usual rock drum fashion (1 break in the skin. 2 tune it so it just barely has any “bubbles” around the edges. 3 tune the front skin to whatever sounds good) i imagine that the frequencies drop a bit just after the initial hit of the skin. it’s just a slight detuning. it’s more obvious in the case of tomtoms. they go BAAAOooow lol.

edit: i think it was bit_arts who made a bass drum synth with native devices in renoise! should be in his signature. might give you some ideas. (=

There is also an old school standalone app called “Stomper”:


another trick that might work to at least get the tail a bit longer, is to play the same kick 1 octave lower (or 2 if it still sounds right, or even both) at the same time as your normal kick. you could also try and find a kick that already has a long tail and sounds kinda similar, try and tune it the right way and play that together with your initial kick. or, take that long-tailed kick and cut off the ‘kick’-part, and play the ‘tail’-part right after your original kick. you could then put a reverb on the tail as well.

think about this, experiment with different options. sometimes things sound great when you just use samples, as explained above, and sometimes you really need DSP-fx as well. it all depends on the sample, the song and the position of the sample in the song.