Drum Kits. Do you?

Midi compatible mapping or random/custom? Process in instrument efx chains per drum sound or route out to channels? I have built some, but I still always end up just chunking drum samples in separate instruments and sequencing and processing each mostly on their own tracks. I am wondering: what are the practical advantages of kitting up some drum sounds?

(and best ways to set them up)

Me too, i am too lazy to make complete drum kit with all these fx chains and macros but i would love to :slight_smile:

The advantage is portability. You can easily share a kit with other people. And you can play it with a MIDI controler.

When it comes to FX, I treat the instrument FX as sound shaping FX (i.e., FX that are integral to the drum sound), and the track FX as mixing FX (i.e., not to alter the drum sound significantly, but to fit it into the mix).

Personally i never use any drumkits or do my own. I usually end up with multiple kicks, snares and such for extra layers which would simply not fit into the default categorization / mapping of most drumkits which go by the GM standard. In the few cases where i used a drumkit from a sampler there is probably 75% of the sounds unused in that kit too, so i just don’t bother spending any time on setting them up properly.

Jep, I most times do gather at least some drum samples in one instrument to be able to type simple beats out faster.

Most times these sets are the ‘basic’ set used in the song, I usually threat complex or glitchy drums seperately.

Also while doing this I save most of the instruments & drumsets so i have some go-to sounds by myself I can easily use spontaneusly(in jams etc).

Most of these dont have macros or anything, so nothing worth spreading, but I think it’s useful to have them as sets of sounds that go well together

Sometimes use kits, mostly if it is a sampled real drum kit such as a drumkit I am using from drumdrops (recommend checking them out, lots of mulitsampled high quality drums and they do renoise instruments). Otherwise I can often stack samples and as stated earlier, wouldn’t be worth it as a kit.
I haven’t made my own as yet. However, I most likely will in future.