Drum Loop Slicing In Renoise

Is there any good tool to manipulate drum loops in Renoise? Like Dr.Rex for Reason?

well, when you import a loop into the sample box you got the sample editor, right? then there’s plenty of things that you can do with it on the track, like make it play from the inside… just check the given example songs to see how.

then you got various vst samplers working with renoise, like native instruments kontakt to do what you like with the samples you put in it.

and by tha way, why work with loops if you can put together rythm from single drums in the pattern, and then changing everything in it depends on you and your imagination. obviously, you need some experience with that, and that’s more experience than you need with a drum machine :drummer:

another useful renoise tool to manipulating drum loops and slices is the 09xx command. it uses hex values from 00 to FF to denote 256 points inside a sample:

so in a 16 beat sample you could use

c-5 01 .. 0000  
c-5 01 .. 0910  
c-5 01 .. 0920  
c-5 01 .. 0930  
c-5 01 .. 0940  
c-5 01 .. 0950  
c-5 01 .. 0960  
c-5 01 .. 0970  
c-5 01 .. 0980  
c-5 01 .. 0990  
c-5 01 .. 09a0  
c-5 01 .. 09b0  
c-5 01 .. 09c0  
c-5 01 .. 09d0  
c-5 01 .. 09e0  
c-5 01 .. 09f0  

to play all the beats in proper sequence or switch the values around to cut it up.

trackers have a different way of doing stuff like this than say recycle, but this actually lets you perform rythm cutups alot faster, because one you get the hang of it, you can just sit there and code your sliced up beats. old-school jungle owes alot to tracking :)

Okay, so i understand the above example and that its for an internal sample offset, but what about my hardware sampler? Is there an easy way to do the same thing with my sampler using MIDI??? This is the main reason that I would like to use renoise.


It depends on your hardware sampler. If it supports Sample-Divide you could split a loop into say 16 parts into a sample-bank and adress each part with renoise. Some samplers support the sample-offset (with a certain midi-command). Both do the Yamaha A3000/A4000/A5000.

  1. Import a drum loop into Renoise
  2. Tune the loop to the speed of of your tempo
  3. Copy that instrument and paste it in the next available slot.
  4. Crop/Trim the parts of the break you want. (Kick, Hihat, Snare, Etc)
  5. Goto Step 3

I know you can use Beatsync, but then it gets harder to cut up your breaks into smaller parts because you will lose the tempo. I also know you coul use XX09 to remove redudancy… but if you are using Renoise 1.5 you probably have a good enough computer with room to waste. You could also use your sampler, but other than wank factor, why?

Come to think of it, as of 1.5 there should be nothing stopping you from beatsyncing a sample, putting a trigger for it in the pattern editor, highlighting the trigger length, right clicking and choosing “Render selection to sample”, and then doing the sample offset trick with the resulting correct length sample.

Best of both worlds, there.


Genius man, thanks.