Drum Machines

these are the three that i can afford so which one would u recommend ??

zoom rt-223

alesis sr16

boss dr-3

iam feeling the zoom rt-223

ty for any comments!!! :ph34r:

maybe korg er-1 if you are looking for cheap, but it’s also a matter of what kind of music you produce.

hummm korg er-1 i will go check that out

iam trying to produce drum n bass

cheers man

If you’re producing music with Renoise why exactly do you need an external (and arguably inferior) drum machine?



And why is it to be hardware? Are you intending to perform live in the future?

I can hook you up a clone of the TR-909 hardware if you’re interested.

Cheers! :)

If you’re making dnb, and want some hardware, wouldn’t you be better off getting a sampler? Not a lot of people in dnb making beats straight out of a drum machine these days.

yap, dont buy drum machine… you can do so much with samples…

if you have low budget and you wanna produce music then i woud advise you to invest it in PC…

buy midi controller or key board firstly

Is this a trick question?

no i mean that better was bought midi controller or keyboard!!
and some VSTs or samples.