Drum N Bass - Washington

hey everyone, i made this song a little while back. it was my first ‘completed’ song using renoise. i realise the song title doesnt fit it that well, but oh well. its a working title anyway :)

i’m looking for as much constructive criticism I can get.


Very nice! I like :)

definitely nice vibe :walkman:

now on to constructive criticism…your bassline is just sub, sounds like a super low-passed reese(?), compared to most tracks nowadays it will seem weaker on a big system and the bassline will completely disappear on a small system like laptop speakers for ex…

maybe add a mid range layer(same bass just high passed between 150-250hz) or try revealing more frequencies in the bass u r already using

your drums sound good, however, they could do with some tightening and punching up…the kick sounds a little wooly and lacking in definition…the snare better, could just do with a little more thump,maybe other elements are interfering…can’t tell 4 sure w/ 1 listen.

Anyways nice job…just give the track some thump and u got a nice one on ur hands :walkman:

cheers! thanks for the listen :)

thanks man for the advice… will definitely try this out.