Drum/sample Editing

I feel a bit silly asking about this but I do suppose it’s in the beginner’s section so it’s okay to ask stupid questions. I was wondering how one goes about mangling breaks/loops.
I’ve been solely using pattern commands (09xx, 04xx, 01xx, 02xx,) and basically using 09xx to place my stuff wherever it needs to be on either 4 or 8 LPB. And it’s been working out pretty well, I should say, there’s not a lot wrong with this. But I do wonder if I’m limiting myself in anyway? I see people talking about different ways of going about making breaks…I sort of feel like the sample editor gives you the most room to work with. Maybe just because you’re not really confined to a grid. Of course, I tried this myself (cutting and pasting the different bits together and so forth) and It’s hard to keep it all “together” kinda hard to keep it all in rhythm. And of course some people just cut-up different parts of the break or whatever and input each part manually. What do you all do? What’s feasible?

i use the 09xx command (0Sxx in 2.8) to do stuff like this. however, you can also set up sample slices and get another level/type of sample control. read here: http://tutorials.renoise.com/wiki/Sample_Editor#Slice_Markers