Drumdrops XRNI's available now, one free kit

Just an FYI. If any of you need some good acoustic drum samples, and would like them in an XRNI, they’re up now.


Go to Drum Samples, and for each kit there is a “multi velocity” and “single hits” pack with an XRNI available. The multi velocity packs have lots of velocity layers, 16 for some hits, 12 for others. The single hits have 3 velocity layers per articulation. All the kits are pretty damn cheap imo.

The Yamaha Hybrid kit’s single hits is free:


The Rogers Dub kit sounds really cool and has a second snare instead of a ride, so if you really like snares it’s pretty cool.

I built all the XRNI’s for them, so if you have any questions about it ask away.