Drumsynth Idea

@rhowaldt: Currently there is a tool, ZynZilla, which already renders synthetic sounds to samples. As far as I’m aware, that level of interactivity (i.e. not much - not even preview) is pretty much the limit of audio generation by script right now.

@martyfmelb: oh sorry, i must’ve been unclear. i did not talk about the possibilities of doing this through lua-scripting. i know this is not possible, and probably for the same reason Renoise does not have native synth(s). that is why i was wondering what the plans of the dev-team in this area were… do they, at some point, want to implement some sort of sound-making (synth) capabilities in Renoise, or is that never going to happen?

yeah the dll is made just for offline rendering, so it would be perfect for Lua scripting!

Hey come on rhowaldt it’s already happening :)

Renoise Native Monophonic Synthesiser DC Offset, custom LFO, RingMod > OSC

Yeah i know about that one, however, this is a ‘hacked together’ synth, i’m talking about… - i don’t need to explain myself, you know damn well what i’m talking about :)

:rolleyes: no…

… I wouldn’t have the slightest idea … ;)

Hey Forlon, maybe you can hunt down or look into Johans work, who made the cmndonsellection script to trigger an .exe to process a sample inside Renoise. Maybe you can lift the used structure for your idea?

You have the coding skills, why not try it out yourself? :slight_smile:

wow, did not see that before. nice one. you have too much time on your hands - either that, or you are too ambitious.

however, i still do not know about my question - do the devs plan to keep renoise DSP fx only, or are there (longterm) plans for integrating instrument(s) ?

thanks for the comment. very useful information.
i really like your own reasons for considering the implementation of native synths, i have never been part of ‘the scene’, but i can see the appeal of this, as well as the added romance of that vibe.
my main reason for this ‘request’ was that with a piece of software as awesome and versatile as Renoise, i am dying to see what kind of synth the developers would produce.

I, for one, would love to have built-in synths! That would be real portability as you wouldn’t have to worry about this or that version of the vsti used in a song – everything would be bundled in a song. It would be awesome!!!

Superyes to that!

Noisetracker is still beeing developed as protrekkr.

A synth would be cool, especially for synth-starved linux users!

But if a full synth isn’t on the horizon, how about a set of sound generator track DSPs? We could add them to tracks, then tweak them using the other DSPs, so it would be easy to build a synth in a semi-modular way similar to U-He Zebra.

How about these for starters…

Traditional analogue/VA oscillators… choose from saw/sqr/pulse etc. Incorporate PWM, detune and octave controls
FM pair (With a choice of waveforms)
Noise generator
Mixer device for combining sound generators

… anything else?

This setup could get crazy pretty quickly, throw in a couple of hydras, half a dozen LFOs…

On the principle that users are never satisfied the next logical step would be a complete modular synth environment, all put together using native DSPs.

if renoise should get a synth,then the above idea is the one i think they should go for,this way the possibilities of what sounds you can "build"is much more than what you can get with a basic synth

i agree, especially since it would fit in with the current ‘philosophy’ apparent in Renoise, which is more focused on building stuff yourself instead of providing everything as a finished solution.

Yep, I wouldn’t want another 303 clone or monosynth - the single cycle waveform/monosynth thread sorts that out. Either that or sample my own monosynths!

A track-DSP based modular environment would be awesome and I think we’re 90% of the way there now! (Just need those signal generators sorting out ;) )

just add basic capabilities, and everything else is made possible through DSP, and in the future (hopefully) scripting.

Agreed, I bet it wouldn’t take much effort compared to doing a full synth

yep signal generators is all we need before we have our own full modular enviroment inside renoise :dribble:

As long as there is a way to Sync detuned oscillators, as that is something I miss a lot from just playing about with single cycle waveforms. Sure you can try mixing them together and cut back to single cycle but then so can do no modulations of Oscs individually.

man I agree about Lua DSP… That would rock ass.

Or how about this: Saving small pieces of DSP code on a per track basis. That would be very interesting. Kind of Csound like.

I always imagined what it would be if you could have a nice tracker interface for Csound, and there are some interfaces that do something like that… But what if it’s the other way around! Like have a Csound kind of thing happening inside Renoise!!! :dribble: