Dry/wet For Native Compressors

It would be nice to see a dry/wet slider for the 3 native compressors/limiters. It would also be more consistent, compared to the other native effects.

This would make parallel compression way easier, since we could just put the compressor on a drum bus for instance and do all dry/wet regulation there.

Right now, parallel compression is a bit cumbersome, using sends, especially, since the sends in Renoise are pre-fader!

Um… No it wouldn’t! Many of the native DSPs are missing any kind of wet/dry balance options and those that do have it generally have separate Wet and Dry output sliders, not a single Wet/Dry balance slider.

Wet/Dry for all effects has been suggested before and is something I would support seeing though.

I didn’t mean to imply only one slider. Two of them are perfectly fine with me. I would just like to see some dry/wet setting, in whatever form.