Dsil - Move (unfinished)

I’m busy with a new track. Its not finished yet, so these are the basics for the track. I have to complete it with more variation and some fills and breaks.

Dsil - Move

Any feedback?

just listened. i like it, i like this style… but here is just my personal comments…

i think the bass drum is too distorted, it would have more impact if it was more crisp. i do see how the drums are “gritty”, and i really like the grittiness of the hihats and snare, but i think the kickdrum should be exempt from that and be tighter

the bassline is kind of dull, maybe add some kind of rhythm to it to accentuate the beat ? and then possibly add some midrange in frequency synth pads that would replace the kind of “drone” feeling that the bassline currently gives

i noticed that around 2:00 - 2:14 in, there were some parts that were very discordant… i don’t know if this was intentional? it just seems like the high pitched lead instrument doesn’t go with the bassline. it might be slightly sharp ? i’m not sure. again, this may just be how you want it to sound

also it meanders near the ending but that is obvious because it’s an unfinished work. i’m also very not good at ending songs so i can’t offer you any input there but i’m sure you’ll figure it out

anyway, great track and i hope you finish it, post up a link when it’s done! :walkman:

Dark and murky, good work on the production of the drums there also. For some reason it reminds me of a song from the game Dune 2/2k. I think the name of the song was “sandworm alert” or something like that.

Thanks guys!

@ dj io: The track is unfinished and need some work:
The bassline is always the same and needs some variations.
The beat is to far in the back of the sound. IT needs more accent and probably needs a better kick.

There seems to be some interference in the melody, other pointed out as well. Strange, because have a hard time finding the real problem. I think the problem is the filter which opens up. Once the filter of the bassline is open the sounds interfere with each other.

The end, well, that needs some work. The final track will be longer than this one!

@ Mike: I dont know which track you mean, but i’ll try to find on the net.

i think maybe if you just change some of the notes around a little bit you’ll fix it :guitar:

Good ambiance to this tune, have to agree with dj io about the kick being too distorted though.

Like the ping pong delay fx you have used.

Once you have addressed the issues you have talked about I think this will be a stronger tune.

Keep it up!