Dsp Annotation / Renaming

I’d like to be able to rename my DSP units with more descriptive names.
Most recently i have a song where synths are modulated with EQ10s with LFOdevices on every single band. That’s 20 LFOs. Since we can’t get a consise overview of the DSP chain today (as i’ve anguished about before), scrolling back and forth to find out what LFO is doing what is getting on my nerves. At the very least i would’ve liked to be able to double click the “EQ 10” text on the DSP and rename it. It’s not like i’m going to lose track of what kind of DSP it is. To summarise, it would’ve been a hell of a lot easier for me if i could just rename the LFO devices to things like LFO 50hz, LFO 100hz etc.

I’ll put my AGREE-stamp here, just to let anybody important know that not only you care about this. ;)

count me in