Dsp Chain *add To Chain

This is something that messes me up quite a bit for a long time.

say I have 5 devices in a chain from one track, and I want to add 3 from another track, to combine everything.

what I would like to do is right click or key command copy chain of track 2, then go to track 1 and Add devices to the chain instead of writing over the chain.

what this currently does is remove the chain on track 1 with copy devices, so what I have to do is go one device at a time copying and pasting settings and devices separately.

maybe it’s just a problem in my workflow, but the way I just described feels like the most intuitive way to handle it.

edit/ preferences/ files /

-> device chain import -> untick ‘replace existing chain’ ?

It’s unticked, I think unticked is default.
but that is for importing if I was to save a file.
my chains are hardly ever the same enough anymore to save the chains.

would be a 2 step process with this:

I think the default is to replace, which I always thought a little odd.

I can confirm that pasting a full chain does always overwrite though, and would add my support to having it follow the above setting.