Dsp Effects Qual Vs Qual


Just wondering if anyone knows if the lexicon mx200 would be a good starter reverb unit. I can get one for AU$359 … is this is good price?
Also I wonder how the DSP effects in my Yamaha PSR-3000 compares to dedicated hardware reverbs and effects… its a yamma DSP … I havent had much experience with hardware reverbs except for the guitar pedals but I have use software reverbs allllottt hha :)

Whats the verdict QUALITY vs. QUALITY

thanks heaps for reading… slowly getting a dream / workable / cheap setup :)

luuuuv renoise. broughht back my love of composition

I’ve got some Lexicon outboard… It’s been ‘a standard’ in verbs for a lot of studios for a long time. They sound static to me, though very high quality.

You’re better off spending that $300 on a bloody good vst verb like Princetown Digital. And can use the mpVerb in very creative ways to get it sounding magical. VSTs are cleaner than using rack gear, unless the gear has balanced I/O.