Dsp Fx List (Native)

…it is very minor, but the DSP Fx list used to be divided in categories, and is not anymore. i kinda think this is better, but am not sure. did not read about it in the 2.7 new features, but that’s probably because its so minor. any particular reason for this decision?

Well, they are still devided under native, receive, send and meta trees.
Other than that, perhaps the feature to rename native devices has something to do with it, but you can only rename devices once they are on the DSP rack.

I too found the native subdivided dsp categories such as Filter, Dynamics, Shape, Modulation, etc., helpful.

I started to organize my sends according to those categories, almost like a pedal board. No big deal though, I can always grab the categories and do a template.

I found the categories to be a pain. As soon as you know the names of the devices (which, even for new users, should just be after a few days’ Renoising) it’s more efficient to scan down an alphabetised list. The categories were really getting in the way of that, for me.

well, one thing i did notice was that originally, with the grouping, the Reverb and mpReverb would be next to each other, but now because it is ordered alphabetically they are no longer. this made me click in the wrong position. this is no big deal, but relevant nonetheless.

Can’t we make our own groupings? If not for native devices yet, this should be considered.

I don’t miss the categories at all. I find the new layout much easier to scroll through to find things quickly, especially in the meta sections. Just takes a moment or two to get used to the new order. It used to be like this ages ago.

Very bad change in my book, should be left to the user to decide

I used the search field a lot with that tree structure for the native devices, also lot’s of dragging the scroll handle back and forth looking for something before I just went over tot he search field; I kept forgetting where stuff was being put.
Now I can just click on what I need, it’s unblocked.
Categories with that level of precision may have been a bad feature request, new users are not very un-knowledgable.

vst list heading descriptor does get in the way but the search field is easy to use.