Dsp On/Off Automation Indicator

I have used Renoise for a long time, but i never realized before today that you could turn a DSP effect on and off in the pattern effect columns by right clicking the on/off button.
This may have been obvious to most people, but because there are no ‘automation indicator box’ there i never tried it out.
An indicator like all the other automatable stuff would be nice to have because then you could see if the command has been used earlier or later in the track so you don’t just turn it on and later wonder why it is suddenly turned off.
Especially if you use a lot of pattern commands and have to search through your track to find that specific command, you could just roll through the pattern sequencer and see when it turns blue.

the thread title does not reflect the request very well… seems like you are asking for existing functionality.

i agree that it would be logical to have an indicator for the on/off switch as well, just like you have with the other automatable parameters.

I tend to do that, think something out in my head and write something else :P

i understand you have the power, as the thread-creator, to change the title. i just don’t know how its done.
maybe the wrong-title may attract some curious mods, whose biggest pleasure it would be to explain this to us in detail.

or they just do it themselves and don’t tell us shit.

It wasn’t harder than pushing the ‘full editor’ button, ah always these buttons and mathematics and stuff what has the world come to, what happened to the mammuth skin drums and the sabre tooth tiger nose hair harps?
Those were the days when renoise was an extinct species of rhino with 3 horns tuned to c4-d#4-g4.