Dssi Vst And Rendering Inside Renoise

hi all,

I’m wondering, but I suppose it’s not possible, if it’s doable to render (inside renoise) a VSTi instrument launched through dssi vst – even with some trick.
At the moment I can record with ardour, it’s not comfortable, but it works :)

thanks in advance

I’ve only tried rendering SF2 soundfonts to xrni-instruments from Sfz VST (loaded with DSSI-VST), and it works without any tricks. Rendering works also with native DSSIs, which is nice.

mmm I mean, not render to an instrument, but render the output in real time like the other native linux vsti.

probably not, because the VSTi is started by dssi-vst, but I have hope that someone knows :)

anyway, could you give me the url of Sfz VST? thanks

ok, sorry…

Here’s the link http://www.cakewalk.com/support/project5/sfz.aspx. But as mentioned here by kRAkEn/gORe, saving and restoring data does not work because DSSI-VST does not support chunks. It also happens often that Sfz does not launch, but it has to be clicked several times and then it suddenly works. That’s why I wish that the problem with Fluidsynth, native Linux DSSI soundfont loader, could be resolved instead.

maybe we should contact the DSSI-VST developers, it would be cool to have this support if they are interested in developing it

thanks for the link! :)

there is already a patch in the works for supporting chunks in DSSI-VST, which should be added in resegarden with an experimental patch (look into “aderyabin-chunk-patches” directory in dssi-vst-0.9.2.tar.bz2)

anyway this requires:

  • abi changes to the DSSI specs (don’t know if this will break any other “normal” dssi)
  • changes to DSSI-VST (which means we should ship our own patched dssi-vst)
  • changes to the DSSI host in renoise, and to get something not in the DSSI specs

nothing i would try to do, which means we’ll get a lot of broken bones…

if it is such a pain for now I’ll wait, thanks for the promptly response and… I appreciate your work man

Hi, I’m the developer of KXStudio (http://kxstudio.sourceforge.net/),
and I have one of the biggest PPAs for Ubuntu… (https://launchpad.net/~falk-t-j/+archive/lucid/)

My PPA has the dssi data chunck patch applied to the main DSSI source code, (“dssi-1.0.0.patch” from aderyabin)
and there has been no reports of DSSI plugins not working (I have tested them myself too)

The DSSI-VST package doesn’t include the chuck patch yet though,
as I’ll need to do some testing on this first.
I’ll let you guys know how it goes…

so, after some testing, I finally added the dssi-vst with custom data chunk support to my PPA.

It works as usual, but the apps don’t support this by default.
I’ve added ‘rosegarden-kde3’, which, AFAIK, it’s the only app that support this.

The packages will be available soon, any feedback is welcome.

It would be great if Renoise could support it!


your repo is more than awesome - I just added it, apt-get update && apt-get upgrade, and I’ll check at home result :)


Efforts should be payed with efforts. I doubt KraKen would propose it if he didn’t wanted to support it. So i guess he now has something to work with.

I added your repo to my system (Kubuntu 11.10) and install patched software but VSTi stop running by vsthost command. Unpatched version works great. Messages from console below:

Returning file identifiers: kLk0XtU6xBPbbFjdHTNUPPyB  
DSSI_PATH not set, defaulting to /home/qkiz/.dssi:/usr/local/lib/dssi:/usr/lib/dssi  
RemoteVSTClient: executing /usr/lib/dssi/dssi-vst/dssi-vst-server.exe -g Slayer2.dll,kLk0XtU6xBPbbFjdHTNUPPyB  
DSSI VST plugin server v0.986   
Copyright (c) 2004-2010 Chris Cannam   
Loading "Slayer2.dll"...   
dssi-vst-server[1]: found in /home/qkiz/.vst/Slayer2.dll   
Testing VST compatibility...   
dssi-vst-server[1]: VST 2.4 entrypoint "VSTPluginMain" not found in DLL "Slayer2.dll", looking for "main"  
dssi-vst-server[1]: VST entrypoint "main" found  
dssi-vst-server[1]: plugin instantiated  
dssi-vst-server[1]: plugin is a VST  
dssi-vst-server[1]: plugin has a GUI  
dssi-vst-server[1]: plugin supports processReplacing  
ERROR: Remote VST startup failed: Failed to open FIFO  
*** glibc detected *** /usr/lib/dssi/dssi-vst/dssi-vst-server.exe.so: free(): invalid pointer: 0x00905a41 ***  
Plugin server timed out on startup: No such device or address  
vsthost: bailing out