Dual Computer Monitor Setup

How the hell do you install this thing?

I have a Samsung SyncMaster 191t that has a DVI connection and a NVIDIA GForce 7300 LE, and my computer does not recognize the DVI connection.

Do I have to get a second video card?

Let me know.

I wouldn’t have thought so. To be honest, I doubt we could tell you much without you listing the rest of your components. (Power supply, motherboard, CPU etc)

ok, I’ll put my specs up, when I get home, but here is the deal:

I have two monitors a dell with VGA plug only, and a Samsung SyncMaster 191t which has a DVI and VGA plugs.

plugged in both monitor, etc, I went to the NVIDIA settings, it looks all good. The NVIDIA card sees both monitors, even identifies their names. I set it to dualview, with the dell monitor being the primary.

The thing IS actually working because I made a mistake and set the sumsung to be the primary. But, hey, the sumsung (conected via DVI) shows no images, and, without me seeing, I manage to drag the NVIDIA settings window from the sumsung to the dell, and make the dell the primary monitor! LOL what a clusterf*ck.

so basically this is what’s happening: the setup works, but the sumsung doesn’t show any images.

I’ll try installing the monitor driver and playing with the preset display modes (as the manual for the sumsung suggests). if that doesn’t work, I don’t know what to do.

I’ll keep you posted.


You might find that videos may only show on one screen at a time. I’m not too sure how it works, but I suggest trying media player classic, and making your Samsung the primary one (as I assume it probably a higher resolution). It’s a real pain in the backside, as you have windows setting for primary display, as well as Nvidia’s, which both work seperately.

Yep, I did it all gets: new drivers, setting for NVIDIA and windows, etc. It doesn’t work.

The sumsung monitor has an A/B display in the front, where it looks for the type of connection: A=VGA, B=DVI. When connected via VGA, the A light lits up, and we have images on the monitor. When connected via DVI the A/B lights blink back and forth, almost like the monitor is trying to look for the connection. It doesn’t recognize DVI, and therefore, no images.

So my last shot is a DVI to VGA adapter. Ordered it today. Will be here in 2 days…

I’ll keep you posted.

pain in the neck :angry:

got the DVI adapter. two monitor set-up finally working.

painful! :angry: