Dual Monitor Question


If i run renoise on two monitors will the program stretch over both and just give me a huge ex. pattern editor, or will i be able to choose that the mixer shows up in monitor 2 and the pattern editor in nr 1?

If the latter is the case i need to buy me a dual pointer mouse.

cyberwax, the later is impossible, Bantai hit it on the head, an its actually exactly how i work!

renoise on the left monitor with vsts in the right, if we could undock the mixer it would be hella dope, tho i wouldnt want the added resource drain from doing such a thing, it still would be cool tho, and if it did happen i would upgrade my system to whatever possible!

btw the way that dual pointer idea looks promising for the future. :D
im thinking the best utilization of such a technology should be a software driver instead?

then we could have 1 mouse for the the left hand with the buttons switched, an i could keep using my trackball for my right hand!

ah shit! i just had the thought, programs were not built for multiple mouse input, im thinking that might be pretty troublesome for developers?

oh well i usually use my left hand for the keyboard while the right seems to migrate toward the trackball all the time!

things like this make me wonder if it would just be better to map the damn things to our motor cortex!!!

“renoise on the left monitor with vsts in the right, if we could undock the mixer it would be hella dope”

This is exactly what I dream about too. Undocking the mixer and moving it to my second monitor. Normally I hate windows, but in this case, I would like it; the choice to undock/dock the mixer.

I believe it is getting close that I will stop thinking about using Cubase sx for mixing!!! :-))) Max

oh yesss, i’d love this too :)

and the ultimate awesomeness i think would be to have ALL sections undockable; both the mixer, sample editor, instrument editor, pattern editor and whatever. so you basically could make your own layout of Renoise, depending on the task you work on, or simply how you prefer to see your windows.

i guess just dragging a tab (i.e the “sample editor”-tab) to your desired monitor or position (resizable) could be the thing?

…imagine we could have a 360 degrees monitor setup, with each section on its own screen, and this very exclusive wireless Renoise Office Chair with rotation-controls and integrated mice+keyboard+midicontrollers. Wicked. errm, duuuuude yeah, or something.

maybe we should have a dual monitor poll?
tho i think at the moment, not alot of us are running dual or more monitors.

tho how about this, what if the tabs that are on the left side, stayed normal.
however, the tabs on the right side could become a whole new window.

so on the left we have pattern editor & the arranger (when it comes) window.
on the right we have sample editor/mixer/instrumenteditor window.

or viceversa.

heh maybe in the future, when or if we ever have orbital colonies…
(renoise will still be around an we will be posthumans too)

we could just float around in our transparent renoise spheres with HID Electrodes fastened to our motor cortex’s and…

we track at the speed of thought!

Sounds like a plan, lets do it!

1 cls
5 input a$
10 if a$=“ctrl+q"then print"Dual monitor support enabled.” goto 100
20 goto 5
100 ?“Basic rocks.”:goto 5