Dual Screen Mockup

From the Features section:


Quick. That sums it up pretty much. Once you get rolling with the keyboard shortcuts, there is no stopping you. And hey, there are no annoying floating windows. Every widget stays where it belongs.

I think the single window view is a “basic philosophy” that’s probably not gonna change. Now that I have a dual monitor setup it would be nice to have the Pattern Editor/Mixer combo view though.

I think it would work if you could just “duplicate” synchronized renoise windows. So you can have X amount of renoise windows and you can change them to show whatever you want.

That is attrocious! (one reason I set up a second monitor was for VST GUIs and file folders to prevent this exact thing)

Now that would be very cool indeed!

i dont like floating windows,its just not suitable for the way i work now,i like the all-in-a-window style

Yanno 'cause that’s not what I just suggested above that EVERYONE AND THEIR MOTHER IGNORED <_<

epic facepalm

and +1


I’d rather want to compose my music with a slightly more advanced interface. This one will probably do:


Should be pretty easy for taktik to implement in the next 0.1 upgrade. :yeah:

I agree.
If you could choose which elements you could see on each window then it could be really flexible and useful.

I would personally also like if you could make the disk browser larger on one screen (make it one of the buttons down there by pattern editor/mixer etc.)

Dear Santa…

I still think the mixer view is ridiculous. There’s so much wasted space.

This is a fantastic idea :D

don’t waste your space - use more plugins/DSPs !

oh la la. awesome mockup.
i really would find something like this useful, even for just two screens
(+ option to save your own layout for each renoise project)

most monitors are widescreen now though, so the setup wouldn’t look like this, exactly.


I would sell a few and buy myself some controllers/synths…

lol vini


I think with the new 2.5 and the added “Matrix” we really need dual screen support.
This all just doesn’t fit on one screen.

yeah, + 1