Dual screen support. Will it ever happen ?


i’ve seen threads about dual screen support since 2006, at least. we are in 2013 and everyone i know, who is serious about music making, uses them. so my question is very simple: will dual screen support ever be a priority in renoise development ?

If the expandable, detachable lfo custom window and instrument editor envelopes from latest Renoise is anything to go by, one can hope for more, but priority? I don’t think so.

I think detachable Mixer and/or Sample Editor window… Reason style… would awesomize nowadays workflow :)

This would work for me. I’d like to add, “arranger,” to the list of windows that would totally rock with a detach button.

:yeah: :w00t:

definitely! Kinda annoys me lately with shortcuts for making it go away when you’re in PE but not in mixer view.

actually, this is definately the feature i miss the most.
workflow and overview would increase tremendously if renoise would feature detachable windows or at least enable us to have the main pattern editor view side-by-side with the mixer with all the plugin chains visible at a glimpse to the left/right.

since none of the developers answered my question, i can only assume that having the pattern editor in one monitor and the mixer in another, is not a priority. hope im not sounding harsh :) it was just a simple question. fortunately, renoise remembers the vst gui position on the second monitor, so i’ll just keep using the second monitor to place my vst plugs :)


They have a policy of never promising what features are going to be in which forthcoming release so don’t take silence as necessarily being a negative… This is mentioned many, many times throughout the forum!

I think rather than having a detatchable mixer it would be a better idea to just allow you to open two regular old instances of Renoise and then let you have them select separately from the regular views you’ve set up :)

Well two separate windows that are still switchable views, coming from the same Renoise instance then. Because two renoise instances on one song file = bound to get into serious trouble :P
Good idea

My dream: Enable the detachment and re-arangement/attachment of the Scopes, Instument selector, Pattern Sequence Matrix etc etc…
I can imagine having the Scopes, Instrument Selector and Pattern Sequence Matrix on one monitor and having the Tracks with the DSP’s on the other.

Making all these elements resizeable would be cool too.

all I can say is that multi monitor support is being considered by the developers. now that some of the windows are detachable, a future version may have this feature as a logical consequence, but don’t take my words as a statement that next version will have multimonitor support

Detachable pattern editor/mixer/sample keyzones/sample editor is all I need of multimonitor support. I have just been missing this feature and thought of opening a new thread about it, but here it is already :)

yup - and window-states/positions should also be saved in the xrns and auto-loaded when reopening the project (IF additional monitors are detected on launch).