Dualscreen Ability

i know this has been discussed somewhere before, couldn’t find it now.
does someone know if this is a planned feature for renoise in the future?

would be great to have the opportunity to for example have a full pattern editor window on one screen,
and all the other stuff on another one :dribble:

this would be nice to have,heres my +1

+1 :)

+1 :slight_smile:

+1 from me as well




But using second monitor for VSTi’s is pretty useful anyway.

another +1

p.s. how much times these feature were asked? i lost counting…


alot of people seems to want this feature,so hopefully the devs takes notice of this :w00t:

This would be really helpful.

I’d quite like to be able to display the sample editor on a seperate screen as it can be very interesting to watch when chopping up samples with the 09xx command. Would be quite nice to project live I think. Not a massively important thing just kinda cool if it was possible!

i think a feature like this,would help on the workflow,even if working in renoise now is fast,it would be faster if we had the dual-screen ability