Dub/Electro/Gangsta tune

Hola folks,

I uploaded my second effort in Renoise to the Songs community.
Would be nice with some feedback.

PS! Its not my second tracked tune, I’ve tracked since 1988. Only the second tune in Renoise. :)

Take Care!


I really like “your loss”, but I LOVE that other song “blessed”! Reminded me a bit of Air and Moby’s newer stuff…

Xerxes, I just have to congratulate you on an AWESOME song: Blessed. I’ve listened to it maybe 30 times since I downloaded it, it’s really great!

Your loss was alright also, but not as good, although I really liked the vocals and the “BUZZ”-bass.

Sweet stuff ;) (edit:<–why is the wink more like an unsure expression?) Keep it up!’



thanks for feedback! its a little funny, but i am very happy, that you like “blessed” better than the other one. i just figured most ppl found ambient / new age style music boring, so i decided to promote one with a little more “go”… hehe. ambient / new age is afterall my main style.

anyhow, really glad you liked the tune! :)

take care!


very good work on “blessed”!!! ;)

I would like to see your songs on UTSB, a growing site which needs more music like yours.

Oldschoolers are back ;)

Thank you It-Alien!

I joined UTSB - looks like a very cool service :)
I submitted “blessed” - lets see how the review ppl like it.

Take Care!