Dub Techno Song :)

Made a dub techno song in renoise for few hours today ^_^


If it weren’t so sub bass heavy, this would be really enjoyable reading music.

:panic: huge sound

tuned in to 1:00 or so when it played the sub bass and started that synth chords
it’s like 10 seconds myself freezing in front of my speakers
the chord synth reminds me of donnie darko somehow, which is soo nice…

“dub techno song” could be very very cool movie sound, imo

Sounds great Korsun! Can you tell us a bit about how you created those lush chords and bass, and what plugins you use?

Great, great stuff. Made me want to get fucked up with good friends. Been a while.

nice dude! where do get your inspiration? you have many tracks ambient sounding with rhythm. very cool! Your track 13 is also a master piece. cheers!

EDIT: following ;)/>