Duca - Bounce (Andreas G. Remix)

Hey guys!
Just wanted to show you my submission for the the Duca - Bounce Remix Competition!

The contest allows Techno and Tech House Tracks, mine is in the Tech House genre

For a fast remixer the competition is open until 10th of November!! Join in it’s not that difficult to make a techno-track :)

You think? You are mistaken.

Which beat do I put the kick on again?

Note he didn’t say good techno track ;)

Yeah, I was later thinking the same, he didn’t say “good techno”. But then again why would anyone want to enter a Remix competition with a bad or even mediocre track? :)

Sure the beat itself is a no brainer, but the little subtleties (including, but not limited to the sound tightness, micro variations, groove, etc.) which make the track actually listenable are quite hard to get right and mostly rely on prior experience.

You’re damn right about that - just wanted to point out that the possibility to enter(win?) was still reachable though the time was short! Of course you can sure spend a lot more time on getting a track exactly the way you want it to be and listenable for others as well :)