Ducking with LFO on kick, but one note earlier?


I would like to trigger a LFO which controls a “ducking” gainer. The LFO is triggered by the kick, so a normal sidechain ducking. But now I would like to trigger the LFO one note earlier, but still by the kick. Is there a way to achieve this, without using ghost notes? Maybe some math device, looking one line ahead? Thanks.

no …you need to gather at least 1 infinte stone 1st …in order to achieve this :huh:

I use lookahead with signal follower or its audio with track delays…keytracker cannot look ahead…

do you want to know if this is possible or do you have an application for it !!

curious about it

i recently adopted the LFO to control the gainer chain for the ducking

but i manually place the reset automation in the desired group

but i guess you dont want to use any note input to trigger the LFO :unsure:

u guys know more than me regarding this

to sidechain a bassdrum, I set up an extra layered sample for it…and route it to an extra channel…the channel will be inaudible, but there will be a signal follower for the sidechain in it…this way whole drumkit can sound in one channel, but signal follower will only react to the kick…the sample can be crafted and fine tuned to the desired response, as it is inaudible only the envelope matters, not how it would sound like. because of the layering it won’t work with round robin/random sample instruments though, this is a drawback. the lookahead can be achieved with track delay or in the signal follower (or both). another upside is the possibility to use multiple signal followers on that track, with different lookahead and attack/decay responses depending on the desired response of the ducked instrument.