Dumb Halion question

I’ve just got Halion 2.0 for my PC and I’ve installed it into my Renoise VST folder. It comes up okay in Renoise, but I can’t get any of the banks to load! I’ve also copied over the supplied Wizoo sample CDs too, but whatever .fxb bank I load, nothing works! I can’t point the program to the samples directory because I can’t find the ‘Locate’ and ‘Search in directories’ options, despite the manual and the dialogue box telling me they exist! (i.e. in usual fashion, the manual says to use the ‘context’ menu - what ‘context’ menu? Do manual writers always presume that everybody has read the entire manual from start to finish before they reach a specific page of it?)

So far, I hate the look and feel of Halion…

Why restrict it to such a small screen size? I can’t even view my subdirectories properly in the Import screen once I’ve selected a parent - dumb.

If anybody can help me, I’d grealy appreciate it.

If Renoise had Akai import, I wouldn’t even have bought the wretched thing (and had to wait FOUR weeks for Steinberg to register my original Halion 1.1 so I could upgrade to Halion 2.0 for £15. How bad is that?)

if you are using 1.27 beta (any of both), the FXB-loading does not work there. I am waiting for a fix myself. So use 1.26 or wait for a new version of 1.27.

yes, and you just get wav’s without envelopes, filter, special loops etc :rolleyes: That is not a very good option in my view ;)

The FXB-load failure is because of a bug in the 1.27Beta2, it is fixed in a test-build I have so expect it to be fixed in the sharp release… ;)

I’m not sure which version I’m using, except that it’s 2.0 according to the CD I received yesterday from Steinberg UK.

The point is: Virtual Sampler 3 loads all the Wizoo banks fine, no problems, but Halion can’t seem to manage it! And they came with Halion!

So I’m thinking of moving to Virtual Sampler 3, as I think Halion looks rubbish (I don’t like any aspect of its interface, put it that way… - Steinberg are still clinging to the ‘make it look like a piece of hardware and ignore the power of the PC interface’ school of programming…)

ever tried Native Instruments Kontakt?

It’s far faster than HAlion and it has a better interface (nothing excellent, but still better than HAlion).

It costs about 400€ and comes with 5 quite good samples CDs.