[Dupl Fixed] No Mouse-Over Tooltips. Linux Xubuntu Xfce

Exactly as the title says, I don’t seem to get the handy little mouse-over tooltips that tell you what each button does. I do, however, get the ones that tell you value of a parameter you’re dragging to change.

It’s not really that big an issues since I’ve just started and I’m constantly referring to the manual anyway, it’s just a bit of a pain.

Anyway, just wanted to make sure people were aware. Thanks guys!

Yeah, I know that issue. Got it on my GF notebook with Ubuntu installed (well or it’s Kubuntu, the splash-screen says so, but I use GNOME)

But on my Ubuntu 11.04 everything is on it’s place, as I last checked.

Yes I’ve seen that too.

check out this thread, although it focuses on Unity, it seems applicable enough. also, taktik is speaking directly in that thread so that should be epic enough to attract your interest (no seriously, issue fixed)