[Dupl Fixed] Vsts Have Not Got Their Own Gui


Ive installed Waves effects.
For vst ive given my standard path for vst.
There, the setup has created a shell.dll, and the effects the .dll datas to another path, not in my vst home directory.

Ive started the scan, then it begins to load the shell.dll
That needed a longer time.
Now i can use the effects.

The only Problem ive got now is that EACH of the effects hast NO interface(not his own).
They all got the Renoise GUI. (when i click the [ext. editor] Button)
Its no Difference to open ext.editor or using the arrow down button for the bars.

Its everythime just bars numbers and letters… colored as my renoiseinterface.

That might be not as bad for some Plugins, but for many of them its important because there is a Graphic to controll 10 scrollbars or input/output LEDs… anything like that.
Furthermore the effects are very well designed so that you can understand and use them very good even when its not necsessary for some of them.

I hope you have got a good answer. ^^



PS: it does not work to copy the single dll datas, the effects installed in the other path, into the vst homepath. The scan does not find them as vst plugin.


See http://www.renoise.com/board/index.php?showtopic=28091 please.
this unfortunately only happens with the latest version of Waves (Waves 7) in Renoise.
All other plugins will work just fine, but this already is fixed for the next Renoise update.

mhm ok