[dupl] Midi cc's instrument editor pipes them trough

Renoise Instrument editor or should I say ‘redux client’ is responding to midi cc’s , these cc’s are sent trough to the physical midi output or the rewire slave and even vst instruments.
I found this out by controlling/automating reason’s thor’s filter envelope parameters, ( rewired ).

Automating reasons thor filter envelope attack and decay ( cc14 and CC15 )
is also controlling renoises key scaling , which in turn is sended to the rewire host .

Midi cc126,127 mono ON/OFF .
This guys , creates Havoc

Even happens when sending midi out to my nord modular , now I have to carefully choose the cc’s because renoise might send some key scaling changes .;tjeezes…w

This did not happen in renoise 3.0

To put it boldly , the instrument editor is a shell that is receiving an sending midi cc’s
If I load a vst synth and midi learn e.g. cc15 for osc detune , the instrument editor will send key scaling changes to that vst plugin .

I am sorry , but I consider this a cheap solution ;

I hope that this post is clear enough

Yes, it is, see alsohttp://forum.renoise.com/index.php/topic/45928-midi-keyboard-volume-cc-goes-plugin-instr-vol/please

Also please post all 3.1 related things in the 3.1 sub-forums. Makes it easier to see what’s 3.1 related and what not.