Duplex Behavior With Launchpad

Good day.
Just wanna ask you, who use this device in conjunction with Duplex.
I build some pattern matrix in Renoise (about 4-8 patterns). When I play this stuff and press “play” buttons (on Launchpad) corresponding to each row in matrix it jumps immediatly to selected pattern to the current playing position. Is it posible to change behaviour in a manner what it will jump to selected by “play” button pattern only then it’s play current pattern off?
In Renoise it is possible to do by pressing the small triangle button on the left from each matrix’s pattern row (delayed playback).

If I understand your question correctly, try to change the option for the Matrix app.
For example;

  • Open the “Launchpad Matrix + Transport…” config
  • Open the Device Settings (click the [Settings] button)
  • Open the option list of the Matrix
  • On the “Switch pattern” option, select “Schedule pattern”

Like satobox says, but for realtime options you got to use the most current version (get it here).

Thanks, I’ll try…