Duplex Beta Versions

Thank you for your comments and glad to see that these few lines of code can be useful. :)

I usually use Python in my daily work and Lua syntax is not so far.

I have some other ideas for Duplex and I hope I will have the time to implement them. For instance, I would like to add a new feature in XML parser to unite functionally speaking e.g. no more need to use 2 Mixers in a configuration and thus offset could disappear. (could be nice for Effects also)

I will keep you up to date.
Thx again !
Best Regards,

Yeah, the offset is a bit of a hack really. At the time, I was helping another Ohm64 user to get the device running properly - before that, Ohm64 had very limited support. At the time, it seemed like a simple workaround, but it’s really a hackish solution that you’d have to repeat in every other application. The framework could deal with this sort of stuff, that’s really what it’s there for.

Btw: The MIDI mapping fix and the switching config app both look good. Thanks!!

Huge bump, since there’s a new version (0.98) out now!!

New features include sham’s modifications (SwitchConfiguration), and the massive new Notes On Wheels performance sequencer.

First post has been updated with download and descriptions. Enjoy!!

@nightmorph: Honestly I haven’t yet tried the newer protocol, when obviously I should. Thanks for the reminder :slight_smile:

Just discovered that the newest version of automap will do something strange to the remote SL25, and perhaps other controllers from novation: under some circumstances, the MIDI message into the controller is ignored - causing glitchy behavious like toggle-mode buttons that doesn’t display the correct state, and perhaps more strange behavior.

Seems like it’s an issue with the automap software because I tried downgrading to automap 3.5, and that version works fine
So basically, if you have novation gear and want to use Duplex, stick with automap 3.5 until this issue is sorted out.


First of all I would like to thank for including my app to the new release of Duplex !

I didn’t have many time these last days to try to add some features to Duplex. Moreover my Ohm64 has a problem and I need to send it back for repair.
To replace it in the meantime, I have received an APC40 today :) And I have noticed that the mapping of APC40 was not corrected if I refer to a previous thread and to the post of Satobox (Need Help Setting Up Duplex And Apc40).

So in attachment you can find the APC40 XML mapping file corrected.

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PS: hum… it’s pity that the XRNX project use SVN as versioning tool. I really like SVN but I think that Git is far more better. (it’s just a thought from a developer)

Thanks sham, this is going into the next release :slight_smile:
I am currently testing monome serialosc ↔ monomeserial on-the-fly translation, will upload next beta once I have confirmed that it’s working on win/osx.

Regarding the SVN choice: I think it was mostly a non-technical decision, had to do with with the friendly look of URLs: “ah, it’s something hosted by google”

First of all thanks for all your hard work on developing this software. You just managed to help Akai sell another APC40 thanks to your effort of getting great support for this unit! I also ordered a Korg nanoKONTROL2 for my “ultra-portable” setup. Hopefully they show up at my door tomorrow.
I’ve been, unsuccessfully, trying to track down an .xml-file for the ‘new’ nanoKontrol2. It has some valuable new buttons on it I’d like to see mapped in Duplex; Namely track select and marker advance buttons.
“Also featured is improved transport control with Mackie® HUI protocol built in.” I have no idea what the last part means tho. :)
Any chance of throwing together a new .xml-file for this cute little thing?
I’d also love to see a map for the Novation ReMOTE (25) SL (mark ONE), as there are some quirks using the mkII-map.
Also know that I’d gladly do these myself have I had the skills, so here’s to hoping that “a loving someone” with the knowledge will do the job for me.

Big ups!
(this message was also posted in the Duplex tool-page)

So I got my new toys today, and have been trying to familiarise with the APC40. I must say it’s working GREAT! :)
I’m using it in conjunction with the ReMOTE SL, and I’m thinking I wont bother using the SL with Duplex, seeing as the APC40 has all the functions I’d need. I’d be better off leaving all the knobs, buttons and faders to be freely assignable to whatever i feel like in my renoise-projects, and label them neatly in the Automap-software (and save the map alongside my renoise(+reason/record) project-files).

However the nanoKONTROL2 was unusable with the nanoKONTROL-map in Duplex. I’m hoping someone will get around to making a map for this little unit soon.


When I see the KORG KONTROL Editor, I think it’s not so difficult, so I tried to make it. :)
But I don’t have nanoKONTROL2 actually, so please test it by yourself whether it works fine or not.

[EDIT] Deleted the old file

First, check the exact device port name of your nanoKONTROL2.
Temporarily I named it “nanoKONTROL2” in the nanoKONTROL2.lua file (line 36 & 37). Please edit it if it’s wrong.
And don’t forget to set the option panel setting: [Mixer] >> [Follow track] >> [enabled], for automatic page change.

Of course, you may freely edit the part that you do not like. ;)

You, Sir, are a superstar! Worked perfectly right away! Thanks a million!

I love the functionality of the nanoKONTROL2, but there are a couple of features I’d like to see/change;

The Cycle (loop) button, transport buttons and the S (solo), M (mute) and R (pattern select) buttons on each channel is in fact backlit. They light up when I press the buttons, and turn off when I release. It would be awesome if they would stay lit to indicate what state they’re in. This would be especially usefull on the S, M and R buttons on each channel, to see ‘active track’, what tracks are muted/soloed, and basically tell you where you ‘are located in the mixer’.

Also I’d also like the Track- or Marker-buttons to behave like the Tab-button (and shift+tab) on the computer keyboard, by jumping one track at a time instead of jumping pages. No biggie tho! :)

Honestly, I’m still poor at coding lua itself :rolleyes: , so I cannot edit about lighting control.
I always relied on danoise for such coding.

@danoise: Could you see about lighting control in this config if you have a time?

This is easy. But which do you like??

  1. [TRACK buttons] = prev_next_track, [MARKER buttons] = select first track & select first send track

  2. [TRACK buttons] = prev_next_track, [MARKER buttons] = prev_next_page

Ahh, now I noticed that the lighting control in this case may be very simple.

@DoubleDeep: Please test this map. I hope it will work, though I might be wrong.
(Temporarily , I edited the TRACK & MARKER button’s behavior like “1” above)

[EDIT] Deleted the old file

[quote=“satobox, post:133, topic:30625”]
Ahh, now I noticed that the lighting control in this case may be very simple.

@DoubleDeep: Please test this map. I hope it will work, though I might be wrong.
(Temporarily , I edited the TRACK & MARKER button’s behavior like “1” above)

Attachment 2324 not found.

(Excuse my drunkedness here… - but i think i can provide an answer…)
The <-track-> buttons are working as I desired :) -However, if I’m not too wasted, it seems the nanoK2 now only controls the DSP-chain (fx’s for the active track), not the mixer. The lights (on S,M,R) could not be tested as thi this be?
Gonna dig deeper into this when I wake up semi-sober in a few/some hours (or when i get home ;).

Also expect an edit of this post ;)

This community is growing on me Hard!

edit1 : I wanted it to act like it did in this example, however others might disagree with me ;)
edit2: dunno if the lights was intended to work or not, but they didn’t seeing at it seemed the unit seemed to control the dsp’s.

I’ve noticed 2 problems in the config above, so I fixed them.

  • Solo and mute were placed upside down. Haha, careless miss.
  • It seems that the Track Selector doesn’t work fine when I get rid of the page switching function. So now I revived the page switching to the MARKER button’s.

Also, I don’t set the app for the FX control in this config file, so you may misunderstand something maybe.
Test again this new file please ;) :

[EDIT] Deleted the old file

About lighting control:
Doesn’t it work as you expected?
Please check again whether you set the device in & out port on the Duplex’s setting panel correctly.
Then if it doesn’t work still, I may be wrong something. :unsure:
We need danoise’s help.

unit controls mixer again, but lights still don’t work, otherwise exactly as i wished for. :)

Thanks for noticing this - page buttons are of course optional, fixed this for the next version.


In this nanoKONTROL “parameter guide” PDF, something is mentioned about the solo/mute/rec buttons being able to receive either note or CC messages.
If the buttons were assigned as notes, this would explain why they don’t turn off, but then it’s probably set to CC or the buttons wouldn’t work at all? Can you check if it’s possible (via some accompanying software) to change the button type from note to CC messages?
If that is not the case, check also if the buttons on the nanokontrol are set to the “momentary” behavior? This will make them report when you release a button, as well as pressing it.

Thanks for your help, danoise. :)

Well, now I’m worry that some more code may be needed for the lighting feedback(??)
Because actually only what I had edited is;
self.colorspace = {1, 1, 1}

Does the lighting feedback come only with this code ??
It seems that a bit more code is necessary when I refer to other configs (for example Ohm64 or TouchOSC).
I’m really noob about such part…

Oh, DoubleDeep,
Please check the “LED mode” of the nanoKONTROL2. (See 9 page of the pdf manual)
Is it turned to “External” ?? :huh: