Duplex crashes when i record automation with bcr2000

Hello. It allways crashes using my BCR2000 when i try to record automation in renoise v3.1.1

In the duplex device configuration, i have enabled : automation rec. —> Interleaved, record while touched.

if i dont enable that option it wont crash since it doesnt try to record the automation.

I’ve checked and it works ok on renoise v2.81

i’ve made a print screen of the error.


Hi hcv242,

I’ll look into it. I have a BCR right here, next to me :slight_smile:

hi danoise, i am also interessed for a solution. thank you for the great stuff. so happy with renoise.

any news on this? could you reproduce the crash, danoise ?

Sorry, I’m out of town for a few days. Thought I could take a look at it before then.

At least, issue is on github now


OK, I think I nailed the issue. I’m now able to record automation in all modes smile.png

Here’s a release to try out: