Duplex Doofer control?

I am interested in controlling the Doofer macros from TouchOSC. Is this possible to do in Duplex and if so, how might I go about it?

To control a Doofer you would want a config containing the Effect application.
The TouchOSC iPad config has the Effect already defined. If that’s the one you need, then you should be good to go.

The Effect application itself can be configured to show ‘all’, ‘automated’ or ‘mixer’ parameters - the last one is very nice, as you can simply choose which parameters to include by going to the Renoise mixer (right-click any device, ‘Show Sliders’). Just remember to focus the track (from Renoise or the controller) first.

Ok thanks Danoise! How should I configure it if I want to always show the same Doofer parameters regardless of which mixer track I am on? Is that possible? For instance the Repeater TouchOSC application can lock onto one instance of the Repeater, say on the Master track. Could I configure a Doofer on a send track and lock the Effect application to that Doofer instance?

No, not at the moment - but you’re not the first one to request this. I’m seeming some convergence here:

And I’m sure it can be done. I was thinking that the Effect application could look like and work exactly like it has been doing so far, but with the addition that it would be able to recall the last focused device on startup.

Two new options would be needed

  • Sync to selected track/device: On/Off
    This is needed if we want to be able to select another device without displaying it in the Effect application. Currently, the track/device selection is always synced.

  • Memorize track/device between sessions: On/Off
    This is the feature that would recall the current track/device when the application is first started. If the ‘sync to selected track/device’ option was enabled, then the selected track/device in Renoise would be modified on startup as well.

I can’t see it done much more simply than this. Internally, the Effect application is a lot more complex than e.g. the Repeater, since it can control a subset of parameters across multiple devices (in such a case, it should remember the selected track instead of the device)

Sure, that makes sense. Although I wonder if there is a way to make a less complex application that only needs to control one device and locks onto it like the Repeater application. If it were controlling a Doofer it would just need a few knobs or sliders. But whichever way is easiest and most generally helpful and effective is good for me :)