Duplex Korg Nanokontrol2 Configuration

Hello. I’ve managed to get my Korg nanoKONTROL2 working with Duplex in Renoise, just thought I’d post my files up here in case someone needs them. :)
These are based loosely off cuubic’s nanoKONTROL configs (note, nanoKONTROL and nanoKONTROL2 are different). They’ve helped me to make sense of how Duplex/Lua work, thanks!

This works with the factory config on the nanoKONTROL2.
I’ve mapped the track prev/next buttons to the paging system in the Mixer so you can use them to page through your tracks. This works great, except that it can get confusing when navigating around lots of tracks. Maybe some kind of position indicator in Renoise might help. The cycle, previous, next, stop, play and record buttons have also been mapped to their Renoise functions. The marker buttons haven’t been used, it’s a shame that they can’t be used within Renoise as of yet. Or can they?

Anyway, I hope this will be useful to someone. Thanks!

Ahhh, accidentally it doubles now. :o

Actually I’d made a config for the nanoKONTROL2 just a month before, since there was such a request in the Duplex beta thread.

But I hadn’t post it to the dedicated thread in the forum, therefore maybe you have not noticed it.
I should have posted it in the forum clearly then. Sorry for my lazyness.

@danoise: Actually I don’t have (real) nanoKONTROL2 yet and I don’t persist in my config so much, so I don’t mind if my config is not adopted. Please use craftomaniac’s new config officially. Maybe I will buy nano in the near future since it’s very cheap and interesting, then I also can cooperate with its improvement. ;)

Oh no, oops. I should definitely have searched a little deeper before I decided to try and do it alone. On the other hand, messing around with Renoise is always fun, I always learn something new.

Your Duplex configuration seems really detailed, with support for LEDs and other stuff included. It’s definitely more comprehensive as the one I posted. I haven’t had the chance to test it out yet but I’ll do that as soon as I find the time for it.

I think your configuration should be used as default instead, it looks waaay better. I’ll try it out as soon as I can, maybe I can help with testing. Thanks!

Thanks craftomaniac. :)
Then I borrowed the thumbnail image & fader layout from your config. Please try the new config below.


Finally I got a real nanoKONTROL2 and tried to make a new “NotesOnWheels” config.
But it seems that there are some problems in it, so please check it if you have some time.

1: I mapped “num_steps” to the 2nd group of buttons, but strangely it doesn’t work. I was not able to find the cause.

2: Also, I mapped “num_lines” to the 7th encoder and it doesn’t work too. (I don’t understand this function in detail yet, so maybe I’m wrong something)

3: As DoubleDeep had reported before, the Invert mute display option in the Mixer.app is not effective. Mute button is lit when track is active always. Well, this is not a serious problem, but we’ll be glad if it can be fixed.

And one more suggestion:
Isn’t it better to move the explanation sentences like & into the option panel??
I think that such sentences does not always have to display on the top. It is waste of the space a bit…

That one is easy to fix - it was the control-map that needed columns=“8”, it works here now.

Just ignore it, this is something which I have to remove from N.O.W (another complex feature for an already pretty complex sequencer)

For now, I have invented the “hidden option”, so this will simply not show up in the next version and confuse us all. Out of sight, out of mind

Btw: I have restructured the controller folders for the next release, so I can’t really put up the modified configuration right now.
But since we’re just talking a column attribute it shouldn’t be too hard to fix.

Ahhh, columns=“8”, I was stuck in the trap for several hours. ;)
I’ve replaced the file above now.

Btw, N.O.W is very intresting app, isn’t it?? :walkman: I like playing it using the midi keyboard option. Great work!!

Thanks sato, I’m glad you like it.


Again (as usual, haha), let me say some requests or suggestions about Duplex please.
Since I am not going to hurry you, please read carefree. :P

Yesterday I tried to made the StepSequencer config for nanoKONTROL2.
Unexpectedly, it works well enough, in spite of such a cheap tiny controller.
And then, I noticed some room for improvements in the StepSeq app.

1: I want the mapping for changing instruments in the Instrument Selector. (maybe just 2buttons for Up/Down)

2: Alternative “level” & “transpose” changing method:
Currently all of they are mapped to buttons, indeed the method is suitable for LaunchPad or Monome.
but I want to map them to knobs.
Please imagine, press a note-button (buttons) and tweak the note’s velocity or semi+/- by each knob. I think that it will be more easy to use and something cool.
Also it will become saving of buttons in the tiny nanoK2.

3: This is an another thing though, I’ve mapped SwitchConfiguration app to the nanoK2 too.
It works very well, but whenever I change a config, the Renoise’s cursor shifts 1 track to the right.
It’s not a serious problem though, it’s a bit annoying behavior.

Well, this is the new files, it contains Mixer, Recorder, StepSeq, NotesOnWheels.
I know it’s too many configs haha, and I used a bit hackish layout for the StepSeq app (I used knobs as a substitute for buttons).
So I don’t expect that this will be adopted as the official one, but I think it may be interesting for nanoK2s owners. :)

Hi sato,

Yeah, it’s definitely a bit limited right now. You hold a button to “obtain” that instrument, but that’s it. The question is, perhaps it would be better to have a dedicated app for this purpose (that’s why I highlighted the words in your sentence) ? Not trying to complicate things, but such a solution could be used along with other apps as well.

Absolutely. I could imagine for such a small controller that the current “level mapping” (which is both a way of displaying the position AND adjusting volume) isn’t usable at all.
It shouldn’t be too hard to implement a dedicated transpose/level slider.

Well, that is a good problem to have. But eventually we need to restructure the menu system, the amount of device configurations is reaching critical levels

Ahh indeed, yes, I agree with the solution. Even if the Instr Selector app is very simple, the possibility will spread.

Well, even current level mapping (moving light) is interesting enough though.
I want to use 2 rows of buttons (16 buttons) for the step sequence and 1 row for Navigator app.
Actually I’ve already tried such custom (hackish :P ) layout and it is quite easy to use.
StepSeq & Navigator combination is awesome. It’s almost a tiny groove machine.

Btw, nanoKONTROL2 has each dedicated mode for some major DAWs, but those mappings seems just only ordinary things. KORG should contract Renoise as bundle software…, I think. ;)

Hi, is there a duplex nanokontrol2 configuration for effects?

Edit: Actually I’ve managed to get something usable by copy-pasting some code, so nevermind. I probably broke it but can post it up anyway if anyone else needs it.

I am interested in buying a controller that allows me to control the knobs vsti plugins (effects lfo, filters, etc).

It is possible with nanoKontrol 2?. Is what you mean when you say that you’ve set for effects?

Thank you!

It is possible when you put a ‘Instr. Automation’ device for the vsti plugin you want to control on a track.
Has the limitation that you can’t directly map your knobs tho, you can control either all parameters of the currently selected track, or all parameters that are shown in the mixer (you can edit the parameters that are shown in the mixer).
So, you can’t say: knob 1 … thats filter cutoff, knob 2 … resonance etc, but you can say that the 8 knobs allways control the first 8 parameters shown in the mixer for a track, and make default song template for that.

For some reason, there is no effect configuration for the nano2k, but it’s really easy to set up - PM me if in doubt :slight_smile:
Once the tool is running, it will automatically map to parameters in the DSP pane (so, like re.dread is pointing out you can either display ALL parameters using the ‘Instr. Automation’ device, or go cherry-picking by hiding individual parameters in the mixer)

PS: Note that - unless this was changed in a firmware update - the nano2k will absolutely spam any DAW with controller messages. For some reason, it outputs an insanely high amount of messages - and this can cause an old computer to choke if you are changing many parameter at the same time.

Argh, didn’t read topic…

I’m not sure if I fully understand you guys – I do control exactly the knobs I want to control in a VSTi (e.g. taurus) with nanoKontrol 2 + “*Instr.Automation” + “MIDI MAP” (without using duplex). Of course it’s even easier (or more direct) if the VSTi supports its own MIDI learn functionality (e.g. Synth 1).

So, turns out I didn’t. ;)

Look at the topic title ;)

Duplex makes it possible to switch between devices while playing

Oooh dang, sorry! And I can’t even say “it’s late at night and I’m drunk”… ;)

Comforting to know then, that somewhere, someone is :rolleyes:

At least one of both can be easily accomplished quite soon.

Another question, please

A friend has the BRC2000 when he works with a vst plugin and programs is changing, BRC2000 automatically show the parameters of that plugin (lfo, filters, etc).
So you always have the same parameters and configuration programs that plugin

How it works nanoKorg with the parameters of the vst plugins? Someone could make a recording on nanokorg using any vst plugin (Iblit, etc.) to see how it works?

More thanks and thanks for yours aswers