Duplex + Midi Fighter Pro help

i am trying to set up my Midi Fighter Pro layout with Duplex
i have very little LUA coding experience but i’m trying to learn it
so far i have the lay out of buttons, knobs and faders
here is a pic of my midifighter

i think i can figure most of the settings out
like for the knobs faders and pads
but i cant figure out how to make “bank” buttons

those four small square buttons are bank buttons
the closest thing i can see in Duplex is “page” setting

any help would be awesome
and i apologize for sounding like i don’t know what i’m doing, it’s because i don’t. lol
but like i said i’m trying to learn

Excuse me if I’m wrong (recently I’m not following well to the newest Duplex’s functions :unsure: ),
but AFAIK, such bank switching function is not implemented yet in the current Duplex.
So if you want to use full banks, you should make 4 X such layout in 1 big window, I think. (It’s a bit ugly though)

For example, see the BCF2000’s configs. I made 4 encorder rows on the Duplex Browser, though actually hardware has only 1 row.

hey thanx alot for the quick response btw
i see what you are saying, so i basically made the following

so how do you change between the encoder rows on the BCF2000? did you use switchconfiguration?
i would ideally like to setup the four square buttons on my midi-fighter to activate/goto each “row”
but it seems like it might only be possible to do so by making a “next configuration” button, which in turn i would only need one button.
does this make sense?

i am using the R-Control zip files you supplied btw

again sorry for my lack of LUA knowledge and thanx again Satobox, i feared not getting any help!

When Satobox proposes to gather all possible controls in a single map (like you have done), this is clever when dealing with controllers that have bank switching.
Bank switching means that you buttons might output CC messages from 1-16, then you could press a “bank switch”, and the controller might output CCs 17-32. In most cases, the bank-switching button does not output anything by itself.

But, if your controller does not support bank switching (as this is a feature of the hardware itself), then, yes, you might be better off assigning SwitchConfiguration to a couple of buttons:
currently, we have “next” and “previous”, but it’s not hard at all to implement a new one: “set to this configuration” (instantly switch to a specific configuration)

The third alternative would be to use some interpreter software to intercept the MIDI messages and create a sort of “virtual bank switching”. Not easy, but most likely also possible …

i understand now
the midi fighter does have built in bank possibilities
but apparently they are only available thru either Traktor or Serato settings made in the MIdi Fighter software
which is totally lame
when i use the Midi Fighter thru Renoise the bank knobs don’t seem to work

but i’ll try “set to this configuration”, and go from there
thanks so much guys (Satobox and Danoise) , i’m very motivated now to get this thing finished!

Ahem, I was planning to make that feature. It’s not there yet, but it will be shortly :slight_smile:
Then you’ll be able to switch to any configuration from #1-16

oh! sorry man, that’s great! i already started some successful mapping and coding. it’s tough but i’m getting the hang of it. thanks again!

@DataMouth: I’ve added the promised functionality to SwitchConfiguration.

All you need to do is to reserve some buttons on each layout, and add something like this to each device configuration:
(each of the mappings are simply called goto_1 through goto_16)

applications = {  
 SwitchConfiguration = {  
 mappings = {  
 goto_1 = {  
 group_name = "SomeGroupName",  
 index = 1  
 goto_2 = {  
 group_name = "SomeGroupName",  
 index = 5  
 -- and so on --  

awesome man, thanks alot for taking the time to code that out
i’m gonna try this out ASAP
will post an update soon
been going thru the forum and reading somethings on how to control the LEDS
that alone has kept me pretty busy

thanx again this is gonna help tons!