duplex MidiActions

Messing around a lot with duplex… :S

A few more questions:

  1. Some files, MidiActions_bidings.lua, talk about a file or class or whatever called “GlobalMidiActions”. Where do I find that? Somewhere I read about a file called “GlobalMidiActions.lua”, it seems not to exist.

  2. What is the difference between Extra/MidiActions_bindings.lua and MidiActions/Bindings.lua ? Why are there two config files, which are essentially the same? Which one is to be used?

  3. I have a tool, a lua script, let’s call it “test01”, which has some midi-assignable buttons. The action works, also midi assignment.

I like to make an additional duplex controller layout that works specifically with that script test01. So, I added it’s action"test01:click" to both the MidiAction-Binding files mentioned above

    name = "test01:click",
    lable = "click!",

And added to my device config file, inside the application scope

test = {
      application = "MidiActions",
      mappings = {control = {group_name = "Switches",index = 1}},
      options = {action = "test01:click"},

And nothing happens…

Is the general idea okay or did I understand something very wrong?

If so, can someone please tell me how one does this in general?

If I am too brief, I can provide the full example somewhere.

Thank you! Chris

Okay, maybe I narrowed it down somehow.

For renoise native functions, I got it to work.

Of course, the MidiAction script does not know about my self-made function. So I have to include it there somehow, as I did above.

But that is only a mapping, and still dies not know about my self-made function.

Can I expose it to the MidiAction application somehow? Perhaps by using “require PATHTO/test01.lua” ?

I’ve been looking at a lot of scripts but did not find a clue…

Dang, I found the GlobalMidiActions.lua script, it is in the Resource Scripts folder, just a bit up the list … scrolling helps sometimes… :S