Duplex: Monome And Pages

I’m trying to set up Pages for the Monome so I can control Duplex:Record through the “External Applications” page.


I got everything to work except the LED feedback… The Monome stay dark. LED feedback work when I run Pages internal apps, and external apps when I use Bidule as host. Can you spot something wrong with the settings, or could it be some other problem?

Does Duplex do some port grabbing or something else out of the ordinary??? I’m pretty sure I had set monomeserial prefix to /40h. But when I started Duplex Recorder, the prefix in monomeserial changed to /rec, which I had set Duplex Recorder to.

I have even had problems running Pages with Bidule when I did it after fiddling with Duplex. But if I close all programs and unplug the monome, to make sure it’s all from scratch, it works fine in Bidule.

Does renoise/duplex use /frame messages?

Check out the response from Phortran who wrote the Pages app: http://post.monome.org/comments.php?DiscussionID=9603&page=16#Item_29

SerialOSC doesn’t seem to work too well for me. I get LED feedback but no button press with Pages. Also tried your updated version of Duplex, but could not figure out what the settings should be. SerialOSC is designed to work more automatic right?

But I suspect the problem might lay elsewhere. When I plug in the Monome, start Monomeserial and set the prefix to /40h or whatever… as I start Duplex the prefix changes automatically to whatever I have in the settings for the Duplex app. Also when I switch between Duplex apps, like Mixer, Matrix, Recorder… if they have different prefix settings it automatically change the prefix in Monomeserial. Duplex does this regardless if ports match or not. Haven’t seen this behaviour before. Could it perhaps be a conflict with that and Pages “discover monomes” function?

Sorry, I’ve been following this discussion but not having had time to dig deeper. There is AFAIK no standard way of detecting if a given OSC device is connected? Because if there is, this should obviously be supported by Duplex.

I really have to try out this Pages software to understand exactly what you are talking about :wink:

Please do. It’s really usable stuff - switching between apps, recording button presses