Duplex Novation Launchpad Mini Compatibility

Has anyone used the Launchpad Mini with the Launchpad duplex template and apps? I’m thinking of getting one for the Navigator/Matrix app. Lauflicht looks fun too…

The layout looks identical but I wasn’t sure if it would fit the 1st gen maps straight out of the box. Anyone got any knowledge?


it’s a-okay

Just got mine today. Works very well.

How about the launchkey - does anybody know?

NO, launchkey is too new.
are you using the beta? if yes you can download the duplex browser HERE
there is a “midi-keyboard” template too. we could ask somebody in the duplex thread. going to try a bit around first.
i still use it (InControl OFF) as a transport control. the pads are mapped to notes and the knobs and sliders can be assigned. InControl seems to work only with Live, Logic, Reason, FL.
and they’re mapped differently from daw to daw. i fear InControl is more closed than launchpad but really i don’t know


Regarding Lauflicht and LiveDive, both are running also with Launchpad Mini (I just bought 2 of them myself :)

Awesome big thanks chaps.

And at that size it would be rude not to get 2.

How about the launchkey - does anybody know?

I got a duplex config working for it sometime last year (and then forgot about it) that should be a good start at least. It’s not exactly well documented but it is here. I’ll try and work on that a bit this weekend if I can get some time.

You can also try Stepp0r. The last version comes with Pattern Matrix editing (similar to Live Dive, but different and not that sophisticated (yet)). But there is not updated documentation yet, but will be soon.

Should work find with Launchpad Mini too, if not please write me.

Hi! Was anybody able to configure Launchpad mk3 with Duplex?