Duplex - Playing With Loops


With the recent addition of looped ranges in the Matrix application, a new video was needed to show just that. After all, this is something you can’t do with the built-in virtual control surface, you actually need a real, physical controller in order to press multiple buttons at the same time.

Basically, I’m arranging a small song on-the-fly, using a Launchpad + monome. Since the song was basically written using the StepSequencer, the vertical resolution of each pattern is just 8 lines. I then use the new loop feature in the Matrix to “pair” patterns into longer sequences.

This is just one possible workflow among many, but it’s one that’s I’ve found to be immensely rewarding when you’re sketching a tune out. And daxton - your sequencer absolutely rules!

Really cool!

Next step will be Renoise recording all the live arranging into a song for live song creating :slight_smile: .

It’s not a bad idea, but perhaps it would be more simple to recreate events, instead of recreating the effect they have? All these things happening in the video, but in an editable format. Perhaps we’re talking about a Session application for Duplex?

Btw: the bass sound kinda distorted in the video - sorry about that!

Very pretty.

/me drools