Duplex question about FX Sends

I’m currently setting up a live set in Ableton but I have started to think that perhaps I could do the same thing in Renoise. I need to use sends for effects so I was wondering if there is a way to set this up with duplex?

In Live I am using Nativekontrol’s Arsenal using the Mix Mode for the sends. This sets up the Matrix as Intelligent Button Sliders for controlling Send Levels. The Matrix Accessory Buttons select the Send (Send A – H*) the Matrix should control. So pressing Send A you can control all the levels for Send A across all the tracks.

wouldn’t mind too much if the approach was more on a selected track basis, so you can control different sends on one track at a time.

Can Duplex so something similar?

From the documentation I don’t see much to do with sends.

The Duplex Effect application adds “auto-mapped” parameters to your controller:

That’s really all that it does - exposing existing parameters in a number of ways.

But that shouldn’t really be a problem - you just need one parameter that does something clever_in Renoise_and then use Duplex to control it, I guess?

For example, it’s not hard to make a hydra that controls multiple parameters.

Or for a “solution in a box”, you could ask Ledger if he’s open to adding MIDI control of this sweet tool:


That’s an amazing idea with the Hydra, I didn’t think of that but it could be very powerful. Wow exciting, thanks for the suggestion.

it could be very powerful.

Indeed - a slider that controls multiple sliders in some weighed/scaled way can be invaluable for live sets.

For example, that filter that creates a dangerously loud low end? Add a mix eq to level things out in the lower range and use a hydra to control both.

When using this in a Duplex context, I’ve often placed those hydra device in the master track so I know where to look for them, and have quick access through the “Effect” application