Duplex Step Sequencer For Apc20?

is anyone planing to write a configuration for the akai apc20 and the duplex stepsequencer?

Someone already did it, no?

Ah no, it didn’t include the config for the StepSequencer app. (Actually it’s easy to replace Matrix to StepSequencer, though ;) )
Please wait a bit.
Anyhow, I have to re-consider the layout since now we have the TrackSelector app too.

Oh sorry, I’ve forgotten to post here. ;)
Now you can use temporary new configs for APC20.
Please use Duplex 0.96 and add the “TrackSelector.lua” file.

To use these new configs:

  • download and unzip this new configs file (it includes APC40 & MPD26 too)

  • put “APC20” folder to:
    Click [Help] >> [Show the Preferences Folder…] menu and open

  • Also download the “TrackSelector.lua” and put it to:

I’ve assigned the track selector function to the “CUE LEVEL knob” in the APC20.
But currently (Duplex 0.96), the knob’s midi behavior is not supported yet.
So you cannot use the “CUE LEVEL knob” actually.
Instead of it, you can use LEFT/RIGHT buttons on the APC20 to move the cursor.

Well, this is the StepSequencer config.
It looks a bit strange though, I believe that it’s the best layout. :D

1713 apc20-seq.png

You do know that there’s an “orientation” option for the StepSequencer grid?
Using that would be more clean than rotating the control-map IMHO.

Ah I’ve tried it, but I felt it’s unnatural since tracks are located in the order from the top to the bottom.
It turns a pattern 90 degrees and is flipping the upper and lower sides further.
I could not understand what is happening at first…

Personally I like the vertical layout since it’s more natural.

I must have missed something then. The APC doesn’t show it as horizontal?
If you try the Launchpad version, it’s vertical as well. That’s the Renoise default

Ahhh, probably you misunderstand my previous post a bit.
I want to make the APC20 mapping which the sequence moves horizontally.
So first I tried “orientation = HORIZONTAL”, and the result was…

Track 1 ---------------------------------
Track 2 ---------------------------------
Track 3 ---------------------------------
Track 4 ---------------------------------
Track 5 ---------------------------------

But I want to make the sequence like…

Track 5 ---------------------------------
Track 4 ---------------------------------
Track 3 ---------------------------------
Track 2 ---------------------------------
Track 1 ---------------------------------

So I made the fake vertical layout in order to realize it on the APC20.

This means, I like the actual behaviour of the fake vertical layout. Sorry for the confusion. ;)