Duplex Stepsequencer

*** .\Duplex/MessageStream.lua:117: Internal Error. Please report: unknown evt_type '11'  
*** stack traceback:  
*** [C]: in function 'error'  
*** .\Duplex/MessageStream.lua:117: in function 'add_listener'  
*** .\Duplex/UIBasicButton.lua:199: in function 'add_listeners'  
*** .\Duplex/UIBasicButton.lua:49: in function <.><br>
*** [C]: in function 'UIBasicButton'<br>
***.\Duplex/Applications/StepSequencer.lua:324: in function '__build_grid'<br>
***.\Duplex/Applications/StepSequencer.lua:273: in function '__build_app'<br>
***.\Duplex/Applications/StepSequencer.lua:208: in function 'start_app'<br>
***.\Duplex/Browser.lua:1317: in function 'start'<br>
***.\Duplex/Browser.lua:468: in function 'start_current_configuration'<br>
***.\Duplex/Browser.lua:419: in function 'set_configuration'<br>
***.\Duplex/Browser.lua:958: in function <.><br>

This happens when I try to use the step sequencer... lol que? Did I do something wrong here or what?<br>
EDIT: Fixed it, apparantly having the StepSeq file in \com.renoise.Duplex.xrnx\Duplex makes it do that! If anyone else has this issue... there. <img src="https://files.renoise.com/forum/emoticons/default/tongue.gif" class="bbc_emoticon" alt=":P"></.></.>

Has this been implemented into duplex now? I see that duplex now has file named stepsequencer.lua. replacing it leads to an error on startup and plugin fails to load. Is this now “Step Sequencer” in duplex?

Thanks for all your hard work on this.

PS The increment selection isnt working for me, its alway increments of 1. I’d like to resolve this. Thanks in advance

Hey phooka, I think you’re referring to the Lauflicht sequencer?

Duplex has a couple of different sequencers, unrelated to Cie’s work. This one (simply called Step Sequencer), and another one called Notes On Wheels.

no i just wanted to verify that it was daxton’s step-seq that got implemented into duplex, which it does seem to be, but whatever it doesn’t really matter that much.

what does matter is that the line increment setting for launchpad step-seq isn’t doing its job. maybe im misunderstanding the setting but it seems to me its the number of lines in between two buttons on the launchpad. so if i set it to 8 and on the launchpad the top left button and the one below it are highlighted, they should be triggering the 0th and 8th lines. however they always trigger lines in intervals of one, there is never any space between…

thanks in advance

[Edit:] I discovered that the line increment feature relates to where the next “group” of notes start as you page through with up and down arrow. Understanding this, I still require a way to set the step length as described above. Is there currently a way i don’t know of?

Probably, what you mean is the “Editstep” function in the Cie’s step-sequencer (isn’t it?).
Unfortunately, there is no such function in the Duplex’s step-seq currently.

(Well, daxton’s and Cie’s step-sequencers and danoise’s Notes On Wheels have both good points and bad points in each. Sometimes I also feel slightly irritated that they exist separately. :rolleyes: If these good points can be unified, a very attractive Renoise-ish step-sequencer will be born. Renoise seems to have the potential already. I hope it will come true… :) )

Btw, I personally recommend adding the Navigator app into the LaunchPad’s “Step Sequencer” layout, like “Mixer + Navigator + Transport” layout. Then, it will become easy to do setting and changing the playback section.

Feel free to suggest the features you are missing in the thread, and I will see what I can do :)

Ahh, personally I want the Duplex’s app because it is not tied up to any specific controller. Simply I’m a Duplex freak. :P
But anyway I have an idea about LaunchPad step-sequencer, so I post it there later.

Well, this is an idea for the Duplex’s Step Sequencer app. I want to make such configuration for the nanoKONTROL 2. I think that all the functional parts are already included in the current Duplex.
But unfortunately, I don’t have lua scripting skill at all… :(

2562 nk2-step-seq.png

I don’t think that’s going to happen, as all those sequencers are actually pretty different from each other when you look closely. Esp. Notes On Wheels is a completely different beast which cannot be mapped to a grid - hence the name. Personally, I’d rather see a number of well-designed sequencers that each perform a slightly different task. But that doesn’t mean that we can’t get inspired from one another

So, when you insert edit-step into the configuration, it’s to decide which “zoom factor” you have on the sequencer? That a great idea. I thought about having different fixed zoom factors, but having something which can display between 1-64 steps and linked to an important Renoise parameter would be much more Duplex’sque in nature. WIth higher values, it could even span multiple patterns (not sure that’s a good idea though).

Same for retrig, it could be a bit complicated to implement - unless you are talking about a “on-note” retrig, and not the “between notes” retriggering that N.O.W is capable of? Retrig on a note is simple to make.

Btw: do you have some ideas for how these features (hold button(s), tweak parameter) could be brought to the stand-alone grid versions (APC/monome/Launchpad)? Currently, the step-seq relies on a custom method (hold buttons, use slider to adjust volume and/or buttons to adjust pitch) - we could perhaps instead make the buttons select the active mode, and then have the slider act as a “mode-dependent” slider? Something like the nanoKontrol could then have these knobs assigned individually (again, just like how N.O.W does it)

Hmm, about the Editstep knob, simply I borrowed the editstep feature of Cie’s Lauflicht. It has just 1, 2, 4 values only though, it’s quite useful. You mean the same thing here, don’t you? Well, In any case I entrust you about this function.

I think that the N.O.W’s retriggring is the best, but even the “on-note” retrig, it’s better to have enough. It will be a good accent in the seq-phrase.

Does this mean, we need mode-change buttons row?
Hmm, if I say about nanoK2 limitedly, I want to map each mode directly to each knob, since it’s intelligible and intuitive. Also personaly I like to use 16 buttons for seq-steps.
But indeed, considering flexibility with other grid controllers, it may be unavoidable. So I’m OK with it.

Anyhow, I will be very glad and thank you if those mapping abilities will be added. :lol:

Edit: uhem sorry, wrong thread. It is late… :)

hey guys,

I’m trying to get a 4x4 grid working that behaves like a 1x16 grid. That means that I only want to edit only one track with all buttons - independent from the grid layout.

  1. row - button 1-4 line 1-4
  2. row - button 5-8 line 5-8
  3. row - button 9-13 line 9-12
  4. row - button 12-16 line 13-16

I tried to change the build_app()-function in the Duplex-sequencer-application where it seems that the rows vs tracks etc. are calculated, but nothing works in the right way.

I would really appreciate any help!

I’m trying to get a 4x4 grid working that behaves like a 1x16 grid.

Oh, guess the controller has arrived. Great :slight_smile:

A quick hack you can do is to change the 4x4 grid into 1x16 in the controlmap (just remove the columns attribute). This will make the stepsequencer behave like you want - only downside is that the virtual representation on the screen doesn’t look like the actual hardware.

Hm, and you probably want to take a copy of the “good looking” controlmap before modifying it, in case you need it for something else. Each device configuration can point to a different controlmap so you can have many different variations for different purposes.

The controller isn’t arrived yet, but I prepare the Duplex-config in advance! :wink:

I know that I can use the 1x16 grid, but that’s not what I want :slight_smile: … that’s why I ask how to change the sequencer application code.

I already duplicated the step sequencer class to modify something for my needs. I have some other ideas too.

I know that’s maybe not the best solution making a second duplex step sequencer application, but atm it’s the simplest way to figure out possibilities. unfortunately I’m not such a programmer genius that understands code very easy …

maybe it’s to hard for me and I should better making music than coding lua?! :wink:

I will give it try tomorrow again.

6735 Bildschirmfoto 2016-05-20 um 00.54.07.png

just for info: I succeeded (a bit). found out how to make the StepSequencer class “thinking” she works with an one line grid one a 4x4 (or whatever). I’m trying to make it configurable … :slight_smile:

I know that I can use the 1x16 grid, but that’s not what I want

Just to clarify: this “1x16” would work exactly like you described here:

  1. row - button 1-4 line 1-4

  2. row - button 5-8 line 5-8

  3. row - button 9-13 line 9-12

  4. row - button 12-16 line 13-16

Only difference being that the virtual, on-screen representation looks a bit awkward with those 16 buttons text to each other.

If you are not confident about spending time learning lua, it’s better to just accept that it looks that way.

lua is not the problem … understanding code is not that simple.

but I have the wish to improve the code. I also add the possiblity to use the current column of a track instead of using only the first.

bug or a feature questions:

the grid only updates on pattern playing and not on manual pattern movements?
And on page switches, the same happens. the grid will not be updated and its not possible to edit other pages except the first?! :blink:

I tested this with the original Duplex-Launchpad config too. Doesn’t work.

Indeed, it’s mostly a question of understanding the code :slight_smile:
Happy that you feel like digging into it

the grid only updates on pattern playing and not on manual pattern movements?

First of all, the sequencer responds to the currently “playback follow” option in Renoise (keyboard shortcut: SCROLL LOCK)
So, if you have it set to scrolling the pattern it will always display the playing part, but decoupled playback allows you to work in a specific part of the pattern no matter what is currently playing

In the duplex prefs, there’s an additional setting to override this behavior “follow line” - this will, when in decoupled playback,allow free movement from the controller and ignore what line is currently selected in Renoise.

Perhaps you enabled this option?

Big thanks danoise … that’s it! :wink:

If I’m happy with my modifications I’ll post the code.

At the end there will be two more options in the step sequencer settings:
follow column and track mode (multiple, single) … or something like this.

After 3 days my beta of the advanced Duplex StepSequencer module is almost done.

beside the new possibility using any grid layout for step sequencing on one Renoise track, there are some other advantages like editing the currently selected note column, hear what you play/edit and some more mappings to set the volume. In order to my goal keeping the hands off the mouse completeley I added two things to the Effect and the TrackSelector module.

Maybe somebody has some time to test it. Everything is backward compatible and you have to change the StepSequencer options on older Duplex controller maps to get the new behaviors/features.
I haven’t testet it yet with the new Behringer controller map shown below and included in the zip, but that comes tomorrow. :slight_smile:

6744 Duplex_EDL_20160522.zip

-- Duplex.Application.StepSequencer

  0.99 by Eran Dax Lonker
    - Added: "grid mode" option - use all grid buttons for only one track/column
             independent form the Duplex UI layout 
    - Added: "follow column" option - use the currently selected column
    - Added: "Write mode" option - insert notes only if pattern edit mode is on
    - Added: "Play notes" option - plays the current note if trigger pads are
              pushed (via OSC, if "Write notes" set not to "All time", notes 
              will be played only if pattern edit mode is off.)
    - Added: "display notes" option - display notes + volumens onto the grid buttons
    - Added: new mapping "levelslider" (single slider for setting the volume) 
             new mapping "lvelsteps" (single button for rotating the volume)
    - Added: grid mapping parameter button_size ... only needed to decide whether
             it's possible to display the note volume in addition to the note value
    - Fixed: wrong octave in Renoise notifications on changing the base note


  0.99.?? by Eran Dax Lonker
    - Added: improved mapping for effect parameters - possibilty to set 
             an index for the group (for instance: you start with the
             second knob in group for the parameters and the first one
             is for device browsing) 

-- Duplex.Application.TrackSelector

  0.99.4 by Eran Dax Lonker
    - New mappings: prev/next column
    - Changed: Button symbols changed

6745 Bildschirmfoto 2016-05-22 um 23.10.59.png