Duplex Style Controller For Outboard Synths?

Just a thought, please don’t shoot me if it’s rubbish.

I use ‘awkward to program’ synths such as Yamaha DX27 and Korg DW8000 all the time, and sometimes fiddle about with software programmers which are in themselves very useful. For me the holy grail would be to develop a synth controller for use within Renoise which would almost act like a vst.

My question is, could Duplex, or a variation of, be modified to be used as an outboard synth controller, complete with variable gui which could be tailored to each instrument? For those of you who have encountered Midiquest (v expensive!) this is basically the same idea, and that program creates a vst which then can be used within the DAW as a synth controlller. I’m not suggesting a vst but, hey maybe! I’m not a programmer, but if this were possible within Renoise I would be learning how!

Thanks to all.


Assume you know of Ctrlr? http://ctrlr.org/

aha! I should’ve known there’d already be something about this. I hope it comes together.