Duplex & Touchosc


I’m trying to build Renoise/TouchOSC controller for iPad, that would work as one of a Duplex devices.
As for today, part od the mix14 page runs smooth (faders/solo) and I’m trying to get the rest of controllers to work. Of course, I can always switch to PD and make my life easier, but that’s not the point :)

I’ve got the problem with setting mute command for a track in mixer(solo works like a charm/toggle), panning and enabling automation, I don’t even know if that’s possible now to map these features. The two other pages are brickbox for drummachines synths/plugins and almost 6 octave keyboard with pitchbend and modulation. How to make them talk with duplex and is it really possible? Maybe I should stick to MIDI mapping with PD for now?

It should definitely be possible to map the mixer mutes - the standard TouchOSC configuration (simple template) has these mapped to “1_Buttons” …Panning is supported too, it’s the same approach (panning mapped to one of your groups)
As for automation recording, this is not yet supported ‘natively’ in Duplex. Need some clever way to deal with this, so the recording is done automatically, in the background…

Unfortunately there’s no direct way to generate notes using the Renoise API, so for a drumpad/keyboard to have any use you’d need to make some sort of workaround. I guess PD is one option, GlobalOscActions another…

Works, kinda strange… but works… ;)
Panning too. I’ll try with transport controls next.

And there was a time, when music making was fun… :D

Ok, thanks for a tip - I’ll investigate it.

Ok, first video… only duplex part and not finished yet, maybe sometime… ;)


Nice! From the look of it, you removed the “solo” and “auto” controls from the final layout, compared to the screenshots.
Was there any (technical) reason you needed this change, or was it simply a matter of finetuning the TouchOSC layout?

New version with solo will be ready very soon (next weekend?), but as for automation I don’t have opinion how it should be enabled, globally for panning and volume or by separated buttons. As for now, I’d like to stick with Duplex and what is possible so I’ll add transport section somewhere and for now, that’s all that I really need. I played with PD and MIDI/CC mapping, works almost great but the procedure of setting up the gear is frustrating (launch OSC/launch PD, sync, check Midi Yoke, launch Renoise, set MIDI channels, load mappings from a file… borrrrring!).

I’ll post an updated video, in this topic.

what about the osc server? is it too laggy?

how could this be integrated into a duplex mapping?
would there be an application .lua written like there is mixer, effects, etc.

Well, if someone can supply me with a simple, self-contained piece of code that triggers notes in Renoise, I’ll happily wrap it in some sort of Duplex application. Personally I care about response time - but people are using iDevices anyway, which have terrible latency.